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Water Heater


Most of houses in GTA have rental water heaters installed.  Lots of customers are asking if it is better to rent or purchase water heaters.  Therefore, we have a brief comparison of renting or buying at rental section.   Either ways, you will have 4 type of water heater to choose from.

  1. Electrical water heater: electrical water heaters are not very common in cities due to high energy consumption. However, it is available for houses with no access for exterior exhaust venting.
  2. Conventional water heater: This type of water is the lowest efficient in gas consumption. It vented trough chimney.  It is a good option for houses with no or hard to access for exhaust trough house’s exterior walls.  However, the chimney needs to be inspected and measured to make sure its code compliant.  Often, a chimney liner is required to complete the installation which is charged separately.
  3. Power vented water heaters: they are more efficient and equipped with exhaust fan to ventilate combustion fumes to outdoor. They are normally vented through houses exterior side wall.  Sometimes they are vented to the roof through the chimney, attic or boxed separately.  Neither way is good option to vent to roof due to condensation, static pressure and wind.  Power vented water heaters also require electrical out let for fan motor, control and ignition.  The electricity consumption is not high while they safe gas compare to Conventional water heaters.
  4. Thankless or on demand water heaters: They are normally vented to outside wall with 2 pipe system (for combustion air intake and exhaust vent).  They are the most efficient water heaters.  However, there are some advantages and disadvantages that you might need to know.
    1. Advantages:
      1. Unlimited hot water supply since it heats water when flowing though water heater.
      2. Does not store large amount of hot water. So there is no temperature loss and extra energy is not used to keep it hot.
      3. They are small and look good hanging at wall instead of a big tank in the room.
      4. They are quit compare to power vented water heaters.
      5. Since water is not stored. The quality of water is not affected.
    2. Disadvantages:
      1. Cost more initially to invest on them.
      2. Higher repair cost when need service.
      3. They need sufficient water flow for proper operation. So, plumbing matters.

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