Furnace Installation

furnace installation in gta

What we need to know about furnace installation

Furnace is one of the most important appliances that need to be installed correctly. Along with Ontario codes and regulations, there are many other factors that need to be paid attention prior and during furnace installation. For example, violating codes and regulations not only causes hazard but also can result in future warning tags and service shut down by inspectors or licence field technicians. An oversized installation can cause over-heating which cannot be resolved without replacing the furnace. An undersized installation will result in insufficient heat in winter and/or insufficient airflow in summer (resulting in frozen evaporator coil). Size of the house, size of ducts, number of registers directly relates to furnace air-flow for proper operation, efficiency and sound. Furnace installation is involved with electricity, gas piping, sheet metal work, water drainage, ventilation through house wall and more. Therefore, proper experience and workmanship is necessary to assure safety, efficiency and comfort. At Airprime HVAC Inc we make sure our sales representatives and installers have the right qualifications, training and experience to serve our valued customers.Wither you want to purchase, rent or finance, we will be there to serve you!

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