When it comes to replace or install new heating or air-conditioning appliances, people often find it hard to decide. They are surrounded by questions that need to be answered. What company to hire? What product to install? How much money should be spent? What are the most efficient, affordable and reliable appliances. Is there any rebate available? And, many more similar questions that are stressful without a proper and professional consultant.

If you are planning to install any HVAC appliances, you can always trust Airprime HVAC Inc. We will treat your home as our own. We take all safety, efficiency, quality, capability and comfort measures in consideration, and provide you with the right information.

With our free and non-obligatory estimation, you will find it much easier to decide. We are confident on our best offers and best services. Call us and let us worry about the rest.



Boilers are used to heat water and sends to a pipe system to heat space.  Sometimes they are also used to provide hot water to home faucets.  This type is heating system is quitter than forced air and often is the only solution to heat a dwelling.  It also provides more even heat to home compare to forced air system.

Boilers come in medium or high efficiency ratings that customer could chose based on demand and type of installation.  Medium efficiency boilers are normally vented trough chimney while high efficiency boilers are normally vented to outside wall.

It is important to size boiler and circulating pump water pipes properly.  Insufficient water flow to a branch can result in insufficient heat to that section of the house.  Insufficient circulation by pump can result in over heating boiler while the house is not heating enough.  Over sizing boiler will result overheating, short cycling, over pressuring and dumping hot water though temperature/pressure relief valve.  It will also shorten the life of boiler.  Undersized boilers will not provide enough hot water to heat the space and may result in continuous operation.

Proper and professional assessment assures proper operation and safety, maximizes efficiency and comfort, and saves future service costs.

Our consultant will assess your house and will provide you with estimation based on your need and budget.   Our highly trained and certified technicians will assure best possible installation and test system for maximum efficiency and comfort operation.

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